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Bheemashankar Guled IPS Wiki Profile, Wife, Caste, Age

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Bheemashankar Guled, IPS: Profile, Wife, Caste, Age:

Following is the brief wiki and biography of Bheemashankar Guled IPS:

Real Name: Bheemashankar Guled

Educational Qualification: B Bheemashankar Guled has done MBBS. He didn’t go for higher education, like MD, and decided to prepare for Civil Services. He prepared for UPSC CSE from Bengaluru. He got IPS in his 4th attempt.

Awards and Recognition: Bheemashankar Guled was known for humility and probity in his professional life. Unfortunately, he has turned out to be a devil in his personal life. Bheemashankar Guled is perhaps the first IPS of Karnataka who has been charged with IPC 497 - a section relating to adultery. It is quite shocking and surprising that Bheema, an IPS officer with wonderful professional record, will shoot a selfie video which can become evidence against him at a later stage.

Bheemashankar Guled is a medical graduate.He did not want to go for higher education.he is much interested in UPSE.

Bheemashankar Guled decide to give UPSE exam in 2012. He failed first three attempts.

Bheemshankar Guled became IPS in 4th Attempt of exam

Beheemshankar Gulad presently servicing in Kormagala , Bangalore.

Bheemashankar Guled Wiki

Full Name:- Bheemashankar Guled

Profession:- Superintendent of Police

Nike Name:-Bhim

Age:- 32

Date of Birth:- 1st June 1986

Birthplace/Hometown:- Gulbarga

Nationality:- Indian

Star Sign: Gemini

Religion: Hindu

Current Resistance: Bangalore

Caste : South Indian Brahmin

Height in Centimeters: 173 cm

Spouse:Somaya Bhat

Children: Two Daughters

Education Qualification : MBBS

Essential Pieces of Bheemashankar S Guled

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Greatest in Bheemashankar S Guled

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