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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Railways SP Bheemashankar Reacts On Grenade Found In Bengaluru Railway Station - Source TV 9

A bomb scare at Krantiveera Sangalli Rayanna railroad station in Bengaluru on Friday morning after a suspicious item was discovered at the railroad line of stage 2 and 1 was found. Police and bomb disposal squad reached the place and managed the situation securely.

A round metallic object supposed for a hand grenade was discovered close to a railway track within the city railroad station Friday, sending safety employees to a tizzy and contributing to panic among travelers.

The moment the railroad safety control area reported a round metallic object has been discovered close to the Railway line on stage number 1, the Railway Protection Force and senior railway officers swung into action and cordoned off the region. Panic prevailed in the Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna railroad station before the bomb disposal squad came and took ownership of this item.

The stationed Sangamitra Express train amount 12295, from Bengaluru into Patna Dhanapur was also hunted, but nothing was found. However, a beeping noise emanating from among the bogies resulted in a scare, which was afterward discovered to be a malfunctioning CCTV camera.

The train was assessed fully from law enforcement and RPF police employees and bomb disposal squad and the train left the stage at about 11:13 are, which was supposed to leave at 9 am but had been postponed because there was a beeping noise coming from one of those bodies. The thing was discovered at 0845 hrs from the Railway Security Control close to route on stage number two and one. A authorities constable, attached to KSISF induce deployed at RBI recognized as Krishna, was the first man to spot the supposed noodle casing around 8:30 am, and he alerted railroad police. He'd returned to the city from Maddur in Mandya district. KSR Railway station in Majestic in the town center is the busiest railroad station in town using a daily footfall of approximately 2 lakh passengers. E Vijaya, Chief Public Relations Officer of South Western Railways at launch said at 8:45 am, the Railway Security Control reported that a hand grenade was seen in KSR Bengaluru Station near trolley course on stage no 1. Railway Protection Force immediately swung into action. The region was cordoned off. Senior railway officers such as Divisional Railway Manager (Bengaluru) have attained the place.

Divisional Security Commissioner directed the group of Railway safety force to completely search the whole premises, such as the trains Train motion except for Platform no.2 and 1 was ordinary. Granade Handed around to Bomb Disposal Squad in 9.55 hrs. After assessing, trains on

stage no.1 and 2 also were dealt with. Normal surgeries restored entirely. Railway workforce has been placed on alert. Intensive checks at the entrance, platforms, train coaches and also at parcel office have been running she added. B.G, Mallur, Lakshminarayana Prasad, with other employees hurried to the place and he explained In the afternoon today when our folks were doing the patrolling among the railroad employee found a metallic thing lying close to the railroad line. So he promptly informed the railroad police, and that the GRPF and RPF they arrived there and they've seen the thing they obtained the bomb disposal squad since we don't wish to take any opportunity we removed the thing from the area and we're exploring what precisely is that object. When colleagues requested does the metallic thing appears like Grenade, Alok Mohan stated it's a round thing we must find out whether it's metallic or if it's a plastic substance as the bomb disposal team folks they've come and they're performing the investigation. So we'll see just what the substance is and there's absolutely no danger to any location from the platforms we've assessed already the train completely and the train is departing there and also was beeping noise coming out of the train, that was been assessed so that audio is found to be malfunctioning of CCTV.In

Sangamithra state which renders from Bengaluru into Patna Dhanapur in among those bogie there was a beeping noise coming that is during investigations, it's discovered it is because of malfunctioning of CCTV that is placed within the train from the railroad authorities and the metallic item was discovered on the exterior, not around the trail on the face of the trail it had been found. He ultimately said equally are independent incident it's matter of opportunity that we found beep beep noise coming to one of those bogies of this train that's been assessed for its precautionary steps and the train is departing today there'll be a criminal case documented and analysis is going to be consumed by all of the bureaus as RPF, GRPF, City Police, ISD, and the intellect everybody are attempting to confirm what's going to be the motive behind this he included.

Mature officer of Railways,told presspersons,that about 8:30 am a constable by title Krishna, attached into Karnataka state

industrial safety force who's deployed at RBI and while coming from Maddur he had been passing platform number 1 through railroad line whilst coming he detected that a some suspicious object lying close to the Railway line away from the track, he promptly informed that the RPF,GRPF,as

soon as the data has been passed to RPF safety control and railroad control all of the staff and officers swung into action and hurried to the place and each of them cordoned or reliving the location and promptly the bomb disposal squad along with sniffer dog also hurried to the spot and cordoned the area, ADGP Railways, Alok Mohan, Senior Divisional safety commissioner, Ms.

Home Minister of karnataka state,MB Patil responded about the bomb scare in Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna railroad station in Bengaluru following collecting the data from the officers that he told media people that,according to his own advice it's a random thing found from the railroad line along with cops are investigating the issue and the sanity like thing has been accepted to a forensic lab as the bomb scare was reported all of the senior police officers of railways and local authorities rushed to identify and took inventory of the situation along with the groups as Authorities and RPF assessed each of the platforms, trains, and bogies stationed in the railroad station and we've formed 10 special teams contain 150police employees to interrogate the offenders and stated there's not any need to be anxiety since it's a random thing and we'll improve the safety agreements number of authorities will be set up for the protection of passengers and their families that travel to various places and Ivalue all of the staff and officers that have managed the situation quite safely and confidentially with no problem to passengers along with allprecautionary steps are being accepted for the security of passengers him added.bhimashankar guled video.bhimashankar guled IPS affair case.

KSR Railway station in Majestic in the town center is the busiest railway station in town using a daily footfall of approximately 2 lakh passengers and about 100 trains arriving and leaving daily. The Railway Station can be joined to the metro station and the two intra-city and interstate bus channels through subways and skywalks.

The grenade-like thing has been delivered to forensics labs and reports are awaited and it's discovered that the suspicious object found in the trolley course on stage number 1 CCTVs aren't in working state as while assessing the CCTV cameras from the authorities on Saturday it had been discovered it isn't working.

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